Helsinki Cup Pitches

All Helsinki Cup games will be played on high quality football pitches. The pitches will be natural grass or artificial turf. Dressing rooms, toilets and drinking water taps can be found from every tournament area. Most of the areas have a tournament cafeteria. These will be marked to maps which will be published later. Pitch sizes will follow the official dimensions recommended by Finnish FA.


Age Group Pitch length Pitch Width
B17, G18 90+ m 55 - 68 m
B13 11v11, B14, B15, G15 90 - 105 m 48 - 68 m
B12, B13, G12, G13 60 - 70 m 40 - 50 m
B10, B11, B10H, B11H, G10, G11 55 - 65 m 40 - 45 m
B9, G9 35 - 40 m 25 - 30 m
B8,G8, B7
30 - 40 m 20 - 30 m



Here you can see the field maps.

Töölön pallokenttä (Pitches 1-7) MAP
Käpylän liikuntapuisto (Pitches 8-13) MAP
Väinämöisen kenttä (Pitch 14) MAP
Talin liikuntapuisto (Pitches 15-19) MAP
Pirkkolan liikuntapuisto (Pitches 20-21) MAP
Oulunkylän liikuntapuisto (Pitches 22-23) MAP
Pukinmäen liikuntapuisto (Pitch 24) MAP
Siltamäen liikuntapuisto
(Pitches 25-27) MAP
Tapulikaupungin liikuntapuisto (Pitches 28-29) MAP
Lauttasaaren liikuntapuisto
(Pitch 30) MAP
Kontulan liikuntapuisto (Pitches 32-33) MAP
Myllypuron liikuntapuisto (Pitches 35-38) MAP
Laajasalon liikuntapuisto (Pitches 41-42) MAP
Kallio / Brahenkenttä (Pitch 43) MAP
Vuosaari (Pitches 39-40) MAP



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It's great to witness own son's games and at the same time enjoy the atmosphere at a great event with an international flair. From year to year the whole family look forward to the start of Helsinki Cup.


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